Die Ringe des Saturn/ The Rings of Saturn/ Schauspiel Köln

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The Rings of Saturn

after the novel by W.G. Sebald

adapta­tion and direc­tion Katie Mit­chell
sce­no­gra­phy and cos­tu­mes Liz­zie Clachan
film Grant Gee
video Finn Ross
music Paul Clark
light­ing Ulrik Gad
sound Gareth Fry, Adri­enne Quartly
dra­ma­turgy Jan Hein

with Niko­laus Benda, Ruth Marie Krö­ger, Julia Wie­nin­ger and Juro Mikus
Julia Klom­faß (sound) James Longford (piano) Ruth Sul­li­van (folie artist) Fre­de­rike Bohr, Lily McLeish, Ste­fan Nagel (assis­tants to the folie artist and camera)

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