Reise durch die Nacht/ Night Train/ Schauspiel Köln

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Night Train

after the text by Frie­de­rike Mayröcker

direc­tion Katie Mit­chell
adapta­tion Katie Mit­chell with Dun­can Macmil­lan
and Lynd­sey Tur­ner
video Leo War­ner
sce­no­gra­phy Alex Eales
cos­tu­mes Laura Hop­kins
sound Gareth Fry, Mela­nie Wil­son
light­ing Jack Know­les
film Grant Gee
direc­tion assis­tant Lily McLeish, Ste­fan Nagel
dra­ma­turgy Jan Hein
with Niko­laus Benda, Fre­de­rike Bohr, Ruth Marie Krö­ger, Renato Schuch, Maik Sol­bach, Julia Wie­nin­ger
and for camera in live Niko­laus Benda, Fre­de­rike Bohr,
Lily McLeish,
Renato Schuch, Maik Sol­bach, Chris­tin Wilke



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